Early Symptoms of Brain Aneurysm

What To Look For

Brain Aneurysm symptoms may vary by person, with most Brain Aneurysms often presenting no visible symptoms or signs. When present, the symptoms of Brain Aneurysms may be similar to those of some other conditions. Remember that not all individuals with Brain Aneurysms will have symptoms and that it is unusual for any one individual to have all of these symptoms. It is most common for individuals to experience some variance or combination of the signs and symptoms listed.

The most commons signs and symptoms of a Brain Aneurysm may include:

Sudden WHOL - Worst Headache Of Life

Sudden Sensitivity to Light

Sudden Stiffness of Neck

Sudden sharp pain behind or above one eye

Sudden Blurred or Double Vision

Sudden numbness and tingling in facial area

Sudden Loss of consciousness

Sudden Confusion or Change of Mental Status


Perceived "Gun Shot" noise or extremely loud "BOOM"

Drooping Eyelid

Nausea and Vomiting

Know The Warning Signs

headaches icon


The sudden onset of an extremely severe and crippling headache (Worst Headache Of  My Life) is one of the most common symptoms of a leaking or ruptured Brain Aneurysm underway.  The headache is entirely unusual and a different from a migraine or normal headache as it is excruciating and often described as "feeling as if my head is going to explode". 

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"Gun Shot" or "BOOM"

Many individuals hear what they believe is a perceived gun shot sound or extremely loud explosion (sometimes as they are sleeping) and ask others around them if they heard the same thing; however, the sound is strictly internal to the person with a Brain Aneurysm and is not something heard by others.  It is believed that this loud popping sound is a result of the aneurysm expanding and/or beginning to rupture.

sensitivity to light aneurysm symptoms

Sensitivity to Light  

A person may experience a sudden heightened sensitivity to outdoor/indoor light as well as feeling pain behind or above one eye, or an observer may notice dilation of their pupils. Other early warning signs of a brain aneurysm include blurred vision.