Loyalty Rewards

Be part of the answer. Help make the diagnosis and prevention of Brain Aneurysms possible by donating your unused loyalty or rewards points.

Did you know 33% of the 48 million annual reward points go unused each year? This equals a value of $16 billion. Think of the difference we can make in the lives of individuals and families experiencing one of the classic warning signs of a Brain Aneurysm today if we redeem these points starting now!

Start Donating Points Today

By giving through your existing loyalty and rewards points programs, you are donating oft-unused points (equaling dollars) to advance awareness and education about Brain Aneurysms. Choose from any of the listed Loyalty Programs below and you will be taken to a website that allows you to donate unused points directly to The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation.

Currently Bank With Another Institution?

You can request a CharityChoice Card from your bank/institution in exchange for loyalty and rewards points. Upon receipt, visit http://www.charitygiftcertificates.org/Redeem to redeem your card and donate directly to The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation.