Recurring Gift

Become a TLC Crusader for TLCF and our fight against Brain Aneurysms!  The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation provides ongoing support to fund awareness and education initiatives with automated monthly or quarterly gifts. Monthly giving is the best way to support The Lisa Colagrossi Foundation. It ensures consistent funds are available to invest in awareness efforts and enables us to reach those people potentially affected with a Brain Aneurysm and experiencing one or more of the classic warning signs.  Your regular contribution could mean the difference between life and death.

So, How Does It Work?

Giving is easy. Simply choose the size of your gift, and we handle the rest! Begin by setting up your recurring gift online or via phone by calling (203) 219-3887. Each month or quarter, your contribution is transferred from your credit card or bank account directly to TLCF. You are always in control of your giving and can increase, decrease or suspend your donations at any time.

Become a recurring supporter of TLCF today! ($10 minimum monthly contribution required)

Our Commitment To You

As a special supporter of TLCF, you are one of our most loyal donors, and we value your continued commitment to preventing Brain Aneurysms and saving lives. TLCF will acknowledge your donations with an annual statement at the beginning of the year listing all gifts made during the previous year for tax purposes. As a sign of appreciation, you will also receive special invitations to TLCF events and exclusive updates on the progress of our work.


Please contact Donor Services at with any questions.